Not-very-cheap insurance for over 50s?

OK, there may be web sites such as, and which can offer genuine savings to customers past the age of 50 who are looking for cheaper policies but do other specialist sites really offer good value to motorists in this age range? Several studies suggest that they they may not. Perhaps the over fifties do not have the financial pressures that younger drivers have; perhaps they consider their premiums to be reasonable value for money so don't look elsewhere for savings; or it could be that they are just far too busy at that stage of life to give it more than a cursory thought. Either way they could be excused for thinking that their driving experience, long accident-free records and generally safe, dependable family cars should qualify them for much cheaper premiums than they are offered. My own opinion, speaking as an over-50s (well, over-60s if the truth were known) motorist is that the answer is a combination of all three.

This doesn't mean to say that poor value for car insurance is inevitable for the more mature motorist. There are bargains to be had for those who don't just accept the inevitable (?) premium increase every year from their usual insurers and who take the time and trouble to look around, compare some quotes, read a few reviews of different insurance companies. It takes time, but it could be time profitably spent.

My own choice? has a clear website that doesn't make my head spin. Moneysupermarket's, on the contrary, is a nightmare to navigate particularly for those whose sight isn't what it used to be. As for the rest - I'm not impressed by free toy robots and rodents and I'm fully aware who pays for those multi-million pound advertising budgets in the end - we do.

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