Preparing Students For Their Careers

The state of Michigan has developed 18 different Michigan Technical Education Centers that have been incorporated into the community college system. Michigan Technical Education Center focuses on training, education and workforce development. The Michigan Technical Education Center offers many different programs including Training On Demand, Affordable Meeting Spaces, Customer Focused Service Delivery, Job Skills Assessments, and other useful information to the student.

Training On Demand is a program that works closely with business owners and operators to meet current training needs within the company. Skills learned through Training On Demand can be from the very lowest entry level skills all the way to highly advanced, specialized skills.

Michigan Technical Education Center offers affordable meeting spaces for any type of meeting or training needs. The institution is equipped with breaking edge technology, and offers meeting and training spaces to businesses at affordable prices.

Customer Focused Service Delivery is what Michigan Technical Education Center strives for. Training programs will be delivered specialized to exactly how the client wishes they be. Specialization for the training courses can come in the form of when the course is, how the course is taught and what the course teaches.

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Job Skills Assessments are offered to businesses to help assess applicants before they are hired into a company or current employees who are possibly ready for a promotion. The assessments offered can also help find what skills are necessary to perform certain tasks.

Students who receive an education through Michigan Technical Education Center can either be individuals who are just looking to gain valuable workforce knowledge and skills, or be employed by a company who is looking to further the employee's education. Every training and workforce development plan is designed on demand to cater to the particular student. This offers flexibility and convenience while furthering workforce skills.

Michigan is a state that boasts a highly trained top of the line workforce. Through investing nearly $60 million dollars into 18 different Michigan Technical Education Centers, the state continues to further the education level of working citizens daily. Students who attend classes at Michigan Technical Education Center gain valuable knowledge on workplace skills and have better opportunities for advancement in their careers.  e.

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